During the 1960's women protested for equal rights. Believe it or not before the 1960's women were known as housewives and mothers and nothing but those two things to many, even though the battle for women's rights
to vote was won many years before this in many parts of the World. This aggravated many men and women and made them feel the need to reform this stereotype. One way in which women conducted their peaceful protests during the 1960's was to go braless in
a metaphorical display of liberation. Today many women experience their equal rights as the norm
and would expect nothing less, however it is important to remember that whilst
this victory has been won for many women there are many others in many parts of the World who do not share in this victory.

13th October is No Bra Day and we urge you to honour those who inspired and influenced women, men, law makers and legislators into creating a World of equality between the sexes with #NoBraDay so as to continue the movement of equal rights for women all over the World.

What a difference a day makes!